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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Help! Creative confusion! Do you ever feel stuck and confused? I'm Stuck in a frozen timewarp of creative immobility!

Hello to all creative friends and others...

Well, I am really stuck at the moment! Does anyone else ever feel like this?
I have loads of ideas, and I really really love to be creative! But..... somehow, I can't seem to get going - I just feel unable to get started, or focus on any one project!

I made my Christmas cards - and that was the last time that I did any paper crafting!

I think I must have too many interests!  I can't focus. I want to do everything!!!

Then I end up doing nothing!!!

So, dear friends, I have nothing to show you, except a few Christmas cards! Which I am sure you will not be  interested in, now that we are heading towards the end of January!

Oh well! I will have a look and see what else I can post up here! I make Jewellery, too. Does that count?

Here is a small selection of things I have been making  - but I really do want to get doing some papercrafting, so hopefully next post.... xxx

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