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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Handmade dragonfly earrings

Well, this is Sunday!  What have you been doing?  I have been watching the 'making Jewellery' channel again! I am rather addicted to this TV program . If i'm not glued to that one, it's probably because I am watching 'Create and Craft' instead!

Because I have been doing a lot of creating in my head, I've not got a lot to show on here...

However, I did get out my wire and pliers the other day after being inspired by watching one of the designers on JM. (Jewellery Maker) .
Here is the result - A pair of DragonFly earrings!  True - maybe a bit rustic,perhaps? Shabby Chic? My first attempt but you get the idea...

 I made them using the following :
4 x Sterling Silver ball head pins (2 for each earrings)
2x semi-precious round beads - 6mm l( I used pink Tourmaline )
Purple coloured copper wire 0.6mm
2 Sterling Silver Shepherd hook earring findings.

Thread your bead onto 2 headpins then twist together to form the antennae and body base .
Repeat for the other earring.
Then for the wings - cut a piece of wire long enough to form 2 loops around 3 or 4cms long. I formed the shape by wrapping twice around two fingers.
Then pinch the centre of your loops to form a bow shape
Attach the wings to the body, wrapping with the wire all along the body.
Turn up one antennae, using round nose pliers.
Open the loop on bottom of shepherd hook (by using an opening door movement)
Attach antennae into open loop of shepherd hook, and close loop. making sure that antennae is pressed down onto the bead for security.

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