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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hello Blogworld

Hello out there, well I thought that I had better check in and say hiya.  Have not been too sparkling lately, but still managed to make a few cards.  The thing that puzzles me is how do all you crafters, especially you lot who are on all those design teams, how do you manage do make so many cards all the time. You come up with some stunning ideas and there seems to be so many new stamps every day!
You must do them in your sleep.  Mind you I am very slow.  I like to fiddle. I do a bit, then go away and maybe watch create an craft, then I will go back into the dining kitchen and can't resist doing a bit more on my cards. I only do one at a time, and it can take me a week of stopping and starting and messing about. I love it though. But what to do with them when I have finished is a problem.
So when I get going on this blog thing I can have some fun entering the challenges etc.
It really is a brilliant hobby.  I don't know what I would do now if I didn't have my card art.  I came into it because of being retired from work because of illness.  It takes your mind off things. Anyway I must try and get more into this blogging.  But just nipping out to the shops to look for some stash!
Take care
Luv Sharon xxx

1 comment:

  1. It's definitely time consuming, a running joke in our house that I'm always in my craft room in my spare time, which definitely isn't enough. I get more done when OH is on nights as when I get in from work I can get the dinner over and done with and then up into my room. Don't spend too many pennies.
    Hugs Tracy x